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Enjoy free shipping in the UAE on every order over AED 200


 Here is what Mustad UAE ambassador and pro angler, Murtaza Ali @that.dxb.guy has to say about Mustad tracershot jigs.

Its perfectly sized aerodynamic profile and well-balanced weight is what any bait imitating jigs need to have, this assures you cast attaining maximum distance and play the jig as you wish to. Accurate weight balance and center of gravity make the jig highly responsive to even the slightest movement of the rod tip and can be used both from shore and offshore in the UAE region.

Pro Tips:
1. When casting in a frenzy let it sink to about 2 feet then work the jig at controlled fast retrieve keeping the rod tip low.

2. Another way to work a frenzy with the tracer shot would be letting the jig hit about a meter and work back with a double twitch action.

4. When casting from shore these jigs work flexibly and as you desire. You skip it across the sand bed/seaweed at variating speeds or jump rocks at the shoreline targeting rockfish. Also, a suitable jig to work mid-water column with an aggressive fast action pausing every few meters.
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