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By Murtaza ali (ThatDxbGuy)

Jig heads have been around for quiet a long time and have routinely proved their dominance when it comes to targeting bottom dwellers and shy fish that get spooked easily. Mustad darter jighead are known for their strength and corrosion resistant ultra point® hook .


Why soft bait ?

Soft baits have string feel of life due to its soft texture that most closely mimics a live bait fish. This works in targeting species that are less aggressive and shy or get spooked easily.


When and where to use them ?

You could use them anytime when the top water activity is low and bottom feeders are still around. Ofc you could cast a soft bait and work top water, we'll get to that in a bit .

You could drop a soft bait everywhere, be it a reef or a trench or plain sand bed or around rich seaweed, these life like baits never fail.


How to use them ? (Darter jighead)

Understanding the jig head action you notice it has a very erratic action and darts through as the name suggests. You could use a variety of soft bait variations on these, best suited for UAE waters are wobble tail or grub.

Working with these is relatively easier than other styles of soft bait.

On flats: drag and glide hovering a few inches off the ground. Dragging kicks up a little sand and gliding mimics a cruising fish. This attracts the predators from a distance.


On sea weed: on sea weed or grass, light twitching makes the soft bounce side to side with mostly the head lifting and diving back. This mimics a distracted bait fish feeding on grass and an easy target for an opportunistic predator.


Wrecks rocks and reefs: here the best advice is to switch between actions all being very slow in nature and unpredictable where your softplastic doesn't move in a particular motion uniformly. Reefs and structures are surrounded by a huge variety of species ranging, snappers, groupers, barracuda, giant trevally and many more . All you need to be careful with is feeling the slightest of contact with any sort of structure.

Top water: yes I have tried the darter jig head on top water in situations where you know top water activity is high. Cast it out far let it sink to about 2-3 meters where the tail is wobbling and darting back down, once you hit the 2-3 meter mark pause and wind it back close to the surface. This action is an invitation call to a variety of species.

Second you may cast it right into an active frenzy , just slide and reel, in simple words mimic a fleeing bait fish.

Lastly no matter what soft bait type you use on the darter jig head, make sure the size is enough to have the hook sitting perfectly centred in the middle.


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