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Mustad jigs range

zippy jig Tracershot jig  Mezashi casting
Mustad jigs range
Mustad has been a known name for a few decades in the fishing equipment industry . with years of experience and research mustad product development team knew exactly where they were heading with the modern era fishing . Introducing a huge line up of jigs, unique and designed to perfection with colors and action that stand out of the crowd
By Mustad fishing ambassador UAE – @that.dxb.guy.

Undoubtedly all the mustad jigs range is unique and special in its kind and class . I however want to speak about shore and inshore models and exactly how they perform in different scenarios.
So talking about the three model – Tracershot , Zippy and mezashi cast
All three of these are designedkeeping in mind three strike inticing actions ..Treacershot - erratic swim and flips to the side
Zippy – belly down sink
Mezashi – Slide and flutter

Tracershot packs a super aero dynamic body with surreal castability making it an ideal jig for topwater ,midwater and bottom jigging from boat and off shore . works on a variety of species covering most of the pelagic species found from shore in the middle eastern waters .

Zippy on the other hand has a unique belly weight design that works best for casting into frenzies and flat retrieve off shore , another advantage the zippy has is its profile . the body is relatively smaller for the weight it carries making it perfect for use in deeper waters while maintaining smaller profile . the belly sink also comes with a benefit off shore bottom jigging with heavy current you could just do light pitching as you drift along , with the belly down and head pointed directly at the boat you cover more area with ease.

Mezashi cast is a magician under water , with two different actions and rigging style this jig stands out of the ordinary . mezashi may be used from shore and offshore with calm waters or low current conditions . A neat slide and flutter action is irresistible for any species looking for a quick meal . although it has worked its charm on many species , mezashi seems to be a favorite for rock and reef species that love lazy feeding and ambush attacks ..

These are just a few basic pointers , would love to answer any more questions and doubts you might have - HookedOnMustad
Murtaza Ali
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