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3 places to camp with friends in Dubai

3 places to camp with friends in Dubai

When it comes to camping in the UAE, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you have just moved to the country or are a first-time camper here, these are some of the best places for camping in the UAE to get away from the city life hustle and spend a night under the stars.

1. Al Qudra Lakes

One of the best spots for camping in Dubai; the Al Qudra Lakes have become very popular among tourists. These lakes are the best spot to camp with children. This spot can also serve as a much-needed getaway from the bustling Dubai city life. The banks of the lake are ideally suited for meditation and relaxation. Witness many species of wildlife here as the lake is home to 26 identified species of reptiles and 360 bird species have been spotted in this area, 158 of which are migratory. So you can well expect waking up to the sweet chirps of hungry birds ready to be fed.

The lakes can also be termed as the photographer’s paradise due to the picturesque scenery it offers from dawn to dusk. The lakes are safe to camp at as is marked by friendly police patrols. Many other campers also frequent the place round the year, thus ruling out the phobia of solitary camping.

2. Liwa

Liwa Forest

If seclusion and solitude are what you are fond of, then Liwa is the right place for you. Located amidst the deserts of Abu Dhabi, Liwa is also termed as the “Empty Quarter” because of its isolated nature. One can reach it only with the help of an off-road vehicle like SUV, a compass, shovel, plenty of water in reserve and full tanks of petrol. Once there, you would quickly realise that Liwa is one of the most beautiful deserts in the entire world, flooded with wildlife. 

3. Fujairah Beach

A great option for a weekday camping trip (since it gets utterly crowded on weekends), the Fujairah Beach is best suited for amateur campers. The circumstances for camping are not that harsh and demanding. The Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort is located at close distance thus reducing hardships of campers. One can grab a sumptuous breakfast from the hotel if he is unsure to cook on his own. As an added advantage, one can also buy a day pass and use the hotel’s facilities. The main takeaway from such a camp would be an unforgettable experience of taking a nice swim in the morning. The less salty waters, cool temperature and surrounding mountains is sure to provide a once in a lifetime affair with nature. 

We hope that these three places for camping in Dubai would be sufficient to add a little bit more space in your travel time!

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