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Tips from that.dxb.guy -  Beat The Heat

Tips from that.dxb.guy - Beat The Heat

Summer heat can really have you thinking twice before you head out fishing from shore. but even with such conditions you still have fish to find around.

Fishing in summer is difficult due to the heat and strong sunlight hitting the water rising the temperature, especially in the middle eastern countries where marks hit up to 50 degrees Celsius.

To accurately nail your presentation and approach one must first understand how fish react in such conditions.

  • Fish become listless and slower due the heat
  • Fish tend to move deeper into cooler waters where the temperature is more suitable
  • Fish tend to avoid clear visible waters and group up under structure or shade
 The feed slower and avoid using extra energy trying to chase down bait

With the above behavioral characteristics in mind, you can calculate how to approach them.

Starting with picking the right time and location is the key, fish are very active on higher biometric pressure times between the rising and falling tides for example 2-3 hours before high tide and after high tide. this period is when most of the washed-up plankton and other edible particles get flooded inshore close to the shore line, rest you know better big fish eat small fish and so on. in this period working top to mid water column is the best option. since the bait fish are most likely to be right under water surface feeding on washed up nutrition   and predatory fish sitting right under waiting for weakling to drop out of the bait ball. this can either turn into a clearly visible top water frenzy if the birds spot the fish too. or a party going on mid water right below the bait. depending on what the situation is you could either cast topwater baits like stick baits, poppers, shallow running lures or even tubes to get their attention or chuck a deeper diving lure or jig to penetrate right into the strike zone.


Colors selection has to be very carefully dealt with on top water since the light presence makes visibility better, if you can see what bait is around don’t shy from frequently switching between colors after every few casts.

 Now this is about the predatory pelagic being active on certain periods of the tide. What about otherwise?

No matter how hot it gets some species will always stick close to the shoreline. like group, mangrove jack, trevally, rockfish and breams. however even they have a different feeding pattern in summer and you have to use stealthy slower techniques to get them out of cover and interested. this is when soft plastic and slow crank baits are just perfect giving them more time to look at the bait and not pushing them to chase, which they clearly avoid to do in summer.

 Best timing to have even better chances is finding days where tide timing is aligned with sun rise and set. this is when the water is cooling down allowing fish to get livelier and feeding.

Adding to this article if you are an angler fishing in UAE you know summer means Queenfish season and you have them growing to surreal sizes, unlike other water bodies around the world UAE sees these huge queen fish getting really active and aggressively attacking between 9am – 1 pm

They usually go for slow fall jigs or soft plastics close to the seabed and 80-120 mm lures topwater, even flat retrieving jigs works very well with a treble on the tail to get the extra tail kicking action.


Now let’s get out there and makes these casts count!!

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Vidu - July 18, 2022

VeryWell articulated

Gelo Estenoso - June 21, 2022

Great tips bro, will surely take note of everything. Tight Lines brother🔥🤙

Peter - June 20, 2022

Amazing useful information!
Thanks for sharing, Master Ali

Muhammad - June 20, 2022

Excellent article Murtaza. Appreciate the depth of information here man

Hassan Sabry - June 14, 2022

💪💪💪 keep going bro

Asem - June 13, 2022

Nice article
Useful and Very informative
Keep it up

Jeebran Hajwani - June 13, 2022

A wealth of information from the Master himself. Sometimes it is smallest of details that makes the greatest difference. No matter what the season, fish need to feed just like all animals although their behavior may vary. Clearly we can leverage the experience of the Master and enjoy fishing all year round.

Ziyad Haneef - June 13, 2022

Thanks dear Ali for the useful and great information about fishing in summer, thanks alot

Ziyad Haneef - June 13, 2022

Thanks dear Ali for the useful and great information about fishing in summer, thanks alot

Abdullah - June 13, 2022

Thanks for the invaluable information. Reading your posts always helps me lift my game. Thank you very much!

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